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Network administrators don’t have the time to every day analyse the capacity of their IP space: check how much space is used and if any resources (subnets, IP ranges) are close to become full. In order to help them with their capacity planning responsibilities, TeemIp integrates a notification mechanism that keeps an eye on the consumption made of subnets and IP ranges and sends an alarm when thresholds have been crossed.

For both subnet and IP range objects, Low and High Water Marks have been defined. When an IP is created, TeemIp checks if any of these thresholds is crossed in the subnet or the IP range that the IP belongs to. If this is the case and if a notification has been created for such event, then the action defined for the notification is activated… and the administrator is notified of the event.

When IPs are deleted, subnet or IP range occupancy may fall below one threshold. However, this doesn’t trigger any action. Note that this mechanism doesn’t apply to subnets which size is lower than 8 IPs - /29.

Low and High Water Marks are defined in the Global IP Settings menu and can be changed from there.

This mechanism only applies to IPv4 subnets and ranges. Because of the huge size of IPv6 subnets (/64) and because IPv6 ranges can be created with a significant size, there is no need to perform any capacity planning on these objects.

Notifications are defined in the Configuration menu:

  • The “Triggers” tab displays all created triggers.
  • The “Email actions” tab displays all Actions related to email.

Explanations on how to create both Triggers and Actions are provided in the iTop administrator guide. Please, refer to it to configure Notifications in TeemIp.

Notifications that have been sent when a water mark has been crossed are listed in a specific tab of the page displaying the details of a subnet or an IP range object called “Notifications”.

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