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What is TeemIp?

TeemIp is an Open Source web application that enables professional IP Management activities within IT departments of all sizes.

It provides to network administrators a simple and powerfull toolset to manage their IPv4 and IPv6 plans and IP spaces in accordance with best in class IP management practices:

  • Manage multiple customers or organizations: TeemIp supports overlapping IP spaces,
  • Define IP plans through hierarchical network blocks,
  • Delegate IP blocks from parent to child organizations,
  • Manage subnets within predefined network blocks and get help from an embedded subnet calculator,
  • Attach IP ranges to subnets and track your DHCP pools,
  • Register IP addresses and link them to your network devices, systems, interfaces…
  • Discover active IPs on networks from delocalized probes,
  • Proactively run your capacity planning and get notified on key events.

TeemIp has been developped as an extension of iTop, an open source web application for the day to day operations of an IT environment. As such, TeemIp benefits from iTop's rich CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) and enhances it to document all types of devices that can be connected to an IP network, together with their linkage(s) toward the IP space.

  • Link your IPs and connectable devices or systems together,
  • Manage VLANs, DNS domains, WAN links, AS numbers, VRFs, Network clusters…
  • Document your network flows and cabling system.

Furthermore, TeemIp naturally relies on all iTop's features and advanced functions:

  • CSV import tool for all data,
  • Consistent audit to check data quality,
  • Data synchronization with external tools,
  • History of changes on all objects.

Next to its core features, TeemIp's WEB portal and Helpdesk extension provide simple workflows that enable:

  • End users to create and manage IP requests (creation, modification or deletion of IP Addresses and Subnets),
  • Network administrators to easily and efficiently process these requests with a high level of automation.

And with its DNS Management and its DHCP Management extensions, TeemIp steps into the DDI world…

TeemIp application is relying on Apache/IIS, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP, so it can run on whatever operating system supporting those applications: it has been already tested on Windows, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat), Solaris and MacOS X. Because it is a web based application you don’t need to install any client on user PC. A simple web browser is enough to use it (IE 10+, FF 48+, Chrome or Safari 5+).

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