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 +====== Data Model Documentation ======
 +TeemIp provides 3 main modules:
 +  * A Configuration Management Data base, enriched from iTop standard one,
 +  * An IP Management module to manage IP spaces,
 +  * A Helpdesk dedicated to the creation of IP objects.
 +===== CMDB =====
 +The [[2_x:​datamodel:​teemip_cmdb|Configuration Management Data Base]] is the referential that documents the Configuration Items managed in TeemIp (hardware, software, network) as well as structuring elements like teams or organizations.
 +===== IP Management =====
 +[[2_x:​datamodel:​teemip-ip-mgmt|IP Management modules]] are the heart of TeemIp and are, therefore, mandatory. They allow administrators to efficiently manage both their IPv4 and IPv6 spaces.
 +===== IP Discovery =====
 +In order to automatize the management of IP spaces, an [[extensions:​teemip-ip-discovery|IP discovery]] engine has been added to TeemIp.  ​
 +===== Ticketing =====
 +TeemIp provides an optional extension dedicated to the handling of [[extensions:​teemip-request-mgmt|user requests]] related to subnets and IP addresses. It eases helpdesk operations and automatizes standard subnet and IP allocation operations. Users can log their request through a simple dedicated portal.
 +===== Zone Management =====
 +A [[extensions:​teemip-zone-mgmt|zone management]] extension is available to manage most commonly used DNS records in relation with the managed IP space and the CMDB.
 +===== Extensions =====
 +TeemIp standalone contains all TeemIp extensions. However, TeemIp as a module, which is installed on top of an iTop software instance, does not. iTop administrators who wish to add TeemIp extensions to their environment will need to browse the [[extensions:​start|Extension]] chapter of this wiki and pick what they need in the list of available extensions.
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